MTB Tour at Kilimanjaro

The biggest Challenge for every Mountain Biker

Reach the Top of Africa with your Mountain Bike!

Mount Kilimanjaro, at 5895 m above sea level, is the highest mountain massif in Africa and a top destination of many people around the world.

About a year ago, a new route was opened for mountain bikers on Kilimanjaro and used only by a few athletes until now. It  leads parallel to the Marangu route in the east of Kilimanjaro and is identical to the Marangu route from Horombo Hut. We are one of the few agencies in the world with practical mountain bike experience on Kilimanjaro, and due to the scientific cooperation with the University of Marburg we also have a lot of knowledge in the field of acclimatization.

The intinerary

We use the recently opened Kilema Route in the east of Kilimanjaro for this tour. This route runs parallel to the well-known Marangu route. We stay for 3 days at the Horombo Hut for active acclimatization and drive via Kibo Hut to the summit.


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Die biggest Challenge Uphill

You can not book this tour … you have to apply. The ascent from the gate to Horombo Hut is a big challenge both technically and physically. The first few kilometers between Horombo Hut and Kibo Hut are also quite difficult to drive and you have to push your bike partially.

The distance from Kibo Hut to 4800 HM to Gillman’s Point on 5600 HM is NOT possible to drive. Only the fittest athletes might manage to push their bike up independently. But There is a porter available for each athlete who can take over the bike immediately. Of course you can drive in the summit area.

The biggest fun downhill

The scree field in the summit area is technically very difficult to drive. In addition, the stress of the lack of oxygen  limits your concentration. But the fun begins a little further down the trail between Kibo Hut and Horombo Hut is the highlight of the tour. Where you have managed uphill in hours of stress, you drive downhill in 10 minutes.

These months are suitable for a MTB tour on Kilimanjaro

January to mid-March
June to the end of October

We are happy to offer your individual tour starting for 2 people.

Cooperation with the University of Marburg

The Kilimanjaro Summit Challenge is a coproduction of my agency International Sports Travel  and the doctor Christian Kreisel under the patronage of the Director of Laboratory Medicine at the University Hospital Giessen and Marburg Prof. Dr. Harald Renz who will accompany us as well.

Our goal is to refine the high altitude sickness diagnostics to make high altitude sport safer worldwide. This knowledge guarantees our clients a state of the science support during their tour with us and a professional training plan to prepare themself for the challenge.  Get more Infos here

Important preparation: altitude acclimatization

Before leaving on your Kilimanjaro adventure, we strongly recommend undergoing 4 full weeks of high-altitude preparation, either with a provider in your own area, or with our own partner  in high altitude preparation, Markus Göbel.  He has successfully prepared numerous athletes on their way to the summits of this world. 

“Simulated altitude stays (hypoxia) are becoming more and more important in the areas of mountain sports, sports as well as in the health care sector to improve stress tolerance in cardiovascular and respiratory tract diseases.”



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Professionell Partners

The owner of our partner agency was born in the Kilimanjaro area and has been working at the Kilimanjaro for over 25 years. He knows every path and almost every stone on the way to the summit and has already experienced all conceivable weather conditions and problems on the mountain. He was at least 400 x on the top of Kilimanjaro and is always a trusted friend to our customers. Our guide is available to our customers in advance via Whatsapp or Skype for any questions.

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