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We offer all tours to Kilimanjaro. New project:  With medical accompaniment for diabetics.

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Kilimanjaro: Mountain Bike, Speedtours

Mount Stanley: Margherita Summit 5109 m

Pakistan: Speedtours to Spantik 7027 m and Khosar Gang  6401 m

Nepal: Island Peak, 6189 M


  1. athletic diagnostics and training plan

2. Pre-Aclimatisierung at home 

3. Expedition doctor Michael Tomschi

Important Infos to Covid 19

The year 2021 actually begins the way last year ended. International travel is very difficult and we are still far from the normality of travel.

We have therefore postponed all planned trips for the spring 21 to the summer and fall. Of course, these trips can’t be planned either but this is where our flexibility comes into play and our customers can book and cancel at very short notice.

I am particularly pleased about our new destinations in Pakistan, for example, on the Khosar Gang Peak 6401m.

Our next Projects in 2021

With safety on the summit of Kilimanjaro with medical accompaniment.

We use the slightly longer Lemosho route in the west or the short Marangu route with overnight stays in huts. Accompanied by our experienced expedition doctor Michael Tomschi, this trip is also possible for people with diabetes type 1 or 2 as well as with certain heart diseases and of course a unique experience that can give you a lot of motivation for everyday life.

The next date is summer / autumn 2021

Kilimajaro Mountain Bike Tour

Kilimanjaro Mountain Bike Tour

We have been organizing this tour very successfully for several years. Mountain bike tours at 5895 m are only possible at Kilimanjaro. The big fun with 4000 m downhill is unique in the world. 

We also offer tours around Kilimanjaro with overnight stay in a Massai village or a MTB tour through Arusha National Park.

Next date: summer / autumn 2021


Khosar Gang Peak Expedition 6401m

We start the season in Pakistan with an easy tour.

The climbing route for the Khosar Gang Peak Expedition is more of a steep hike up to camp II and at a small section it gets steeper therefore 80-120m of rope has to be fixed before the summit.

This trip is possible for 6-8 participants. 

Next date: June 2021 !