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Kilimanjaro and Nepal 

Reach your next big goal with safety. We are your specialist for individual travel.

We are Nr. 1 at Kilimanjaro.

Follow the trails of Reinhold Messner in Nepal!

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 Kilimanjaro: MTB Trips, Trailrunning 

Nepal: Annapurna ,  Trailrunning, MTB in Mustang, 

Alps: Trailrunning , MTB Tours,

Spain: Trailrunning 


  1. Performance diagnostics and training plan for all  levels and travel requirements.

2. Acclimatization at home with our mobile generators and tents.

Charity project in Africa

Running shoes for Zambia

Running is a basic human instincr and for many people the perfect balance. Young people can compare themselves in sports competitions and learn important things for life. This applies to Europe as well as to Africa. But what makes people different is the equipment. Athletes in Africa have very little equipment, in Europe very much. We are changing that now.

Our Top Sellers

Kilimanjaro Trailrunning

This is the biggest challenge for any trailrunner who wants to check his limits at high altitude.

We are the only agency in the world who can offer this event.  We use part of the fast Umbwe or ” world champion route ” and run over Stella Point to the summit.

This unique experience ist suitable for all trained runners for whom the Alps are too boring.

Next event: 17.02.2020 – 22.02.202

Kilimanjaro Mountain Bike

The biggest Challenge uphill und the biggest fun Spaß downhill.

Only Kilimanjaro offers 4000 HM downhill on 35 km. But you have to earn this uniquel experience. The way to the summit is long but rewarded with some great trails and great views.

LUXUry aND Adventure IN NEPAL

Discover Nepal in the footsteps of Reinhold Messer! He is the brand ambassador of our partner KGH Hotelgroup from Kathmandu and worked out some unique tours for you.